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The Charles Hoyt Jones Scholarship Foundation


$20,000 in Scholarships Awarded !!!

We are proud to announce that 2021 marked our 10th year of awarding scholarships tallying a grand total of $20,000.00!!!

Congratulations to Bayron Amaya!

We are honored to announce Mr. Bayron Amaya as our 2021 Scholarship recipient. Bayron is a graduating senior from Crossville High School & will be studying Biolog/Pre-Med at Shorter University.

Thank you to all of the 2021 applicants as well as our donors and supporters.

We will begin accepting applications again in February 2022.

"The legacy of Hoyt Jones will never die, because as long as any of us who knew him remain on this earth, his life will impact ours. Hoyt, thank you for a life well lived."

- Shannon J. Allen, The Sand Mountain Reporter 

Mission Statement

Welcome to The Charles Hoyt Jones Scholarship Foundation!

The mission of The Charles Hoyt Jones Scholarship Foundation, Incorporated in the State of Alabama in 2011, is to provide support and encouragement to a High School senior by awarding a scholarship to a deserving student pursuing an undergraduate higher education degree in a major medical or healthcare field.


This foundation has been a process in the making for quite some time. It is through the hard work, time, and efforts of many people which have made this organization possible. Chances are if you are reading this, then you are a friend, family member, fellow alumni, or professional colleague of mine. It is to those people that I would like to explain the origins of our foundation.

I know that I have been blessed in my successes as well as the opportunities I have been afforded. I also know that there are many things I might not have accomplished if not for the help and support of friends and family along the way. With this in mind, it was my goal to find a way to give back to others who might be pursuing those same paths.

Secondly, Charles Hoyt Jones was a great man. As a coach, church member, and leader in the community, I witnessed him touch so many lives in a positive way. It has been a long-time dream of mine to find a way that would allow him to continue to do so. Establishing this scholarship has allowed us to accomplish both of these goals. I just want to thank everyone who has worked to create this foundation. I would also like to thank the potential applicants and potential contributors for your interest.

With sincere gratitude,

Dr. BJ Jones


Charles Hoyt Jones Scholarship Foundation, Inc.